Ford of Murfreesboro - Fleet Farmers Co-op

The Tennessee Farmers CO-OP has two Programs!

That's Right... one for its members and one for its employees. This program entitles you to substantial discounts when you purchase or lease a new car or truck. There are many makes and models from which to choose! You are also entitled to discounts on pre-owned vehicles as well. Most automotive manufacturers have special pricing for medium and large companies and their employees. It is a shame that many people have this benefit and don't even know about it. Co-Op Members can get big savings, just for being a member! WHY PAY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO? CO-OP MEMBERS CAN SAVE BIG!

Requirements To Become A Ford Fleet Account Holder!

Please use the contact form located on the right of the screen to request a fleet identification number.

Primary Contact

Bryan Marlin - Commercial Sales Manager

Cell - 615-927-7572

Fax - 615-896-7857

Email -


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