2015/2016 Mustang ROUSH

ROUSHcharger® R2300 Supercharger System

From the factory, the 5.0L Ti-VCT V-8 produces 435 horsepower (hp) and 400 lb-ft of torque. Our unique system increases maximum horsepower to 670 @ 6850 RPM featuring the Eaton TVS® supercharger rotor design. This high-flowing high efficiency system moves additional air for power generation while minimizing parasitic loses. With OE-quality calibration and a ROUSH®-designed intake manifold, intercooler assembly, and higher-flow injectors, the complete system provides the increased power without losing everyday drivability.

ROUSH® Front Fascia with Aero Pockets

The 2015 ROUSH® Mustang has built upon the foundation of the new Mustang design while distinguishing itself with an aggressive design that has been refined through aerodynamic reviews, including the placement of air channeling pockets, and the relocation of the auxiliary lighting elements.

ROUSH® High-Flow Upper Grille

The High-Flow Upper Grille improves engine cooling by increasing airflow through the front grille. This grille also adds refined styling in the strong horizontal shapes in the front of the vehicle.

ROUSH® Front Chin Splitter

The ROUSH® Front Chin Splitter completes the front-end styling. Remember to use caution around speedbumps, parking blocks, and when heading down steep driveways, as damage could occur from scraping.

ROUSH® High-Flow Lower Opening

This High-Flow Lower Opening not only improves cooling by increasing airflow across the intercooler, but also adds an aggressive front appearance. Relocated auxiliary lighting elements also direct lighting right to the road.

ROUSH® Badging

Permanently mounted on the vehicle, these badges further validate the authenticity of your ROUSH® Mustang. Each ROUSH® Mustang receives both a serialized interior and under-hood badge verifying the authenticity of the vehicle, with additional front grille and decklid badges as an external identifiers. These badges are unique to your build and are only available on a full ROUSH® vehicle purchase.

ROUSH® Side Rocker AeroAids

Extending the appearance from the ROUSH® Front Chin Splitter around the sides of the car and to the rear valance, these splitters offer an aerodynamic styling touch to dress up the bottom rockers of your car.